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Saskatoon Fire and Flood understands how destructive the damage can be to a home or business when a vehicle impact occurs. Our team of trained professionals will work diligently putting all their skills and energy into getting your business or home back to its pre-loss condition. We are here to help.
Our Vehicle Impact Services Include:
  • Timely and Efficient response
  • Expert safety hazard analysis
  • Emergency site, security and safety measures
  • Courteous and professional staff
  • Immediate removal of debris
  • Insurance company liaison
Vehicle impact is the most common cause of structural ruin and instability to a property. The impact can cause slight cosmetic damage, for example: a broken window or dented siding, or more severe structural damage can occur; natural gas lines, water pipes, electrical and sewer drains, can create a multitude of safety concerns. Secondary damage is also a possibility due to leaking oil, fuel, battery acid and anti-freeze. 
Access to any damaged areas must be restricted so an evaluation can be done by trained professionals. An emergency board up and weather proofing must be completed (if necessary) and all damaged materials removed from the site. Once these things are done the rebuilding of the structure, landscaping, and fencing can commence.

  • Call the police
  • Call your Insurance company
  • Shut off your power - If there is electrical damage
  • Call Saskatoon Fire and Flood to come and assess the damage
Do not…
  • Touch or attempt to handle the problem
  • Remove anything from the site (doing this could cause harm to you and further damage to your property or home)

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