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Quick response is Crucial to mitigate further damage.
Saskatoon Fire and Flood your one stop disaster solution: 
Saskatoon Fire and Flood have successfully restored hundreds of homes and businesses through the years; restoring damaged and precious contents ranging from pictures to electronics and appliances. An effective response team is crucial in any disaster situation.  Saskatoon Fire and Flood’s response team is not only effective, IICRC certified, and specifically trained, but will quickly and efficiently get the situation under control allowing the customer to feel some comfort while heading into a traumatic time.
The devastating effects of water damage can be largely reduced by prompt action. Immediate response by knowledgeable and well trained water damage technicians will not only stabilize the problem but keep it from progressing into more devastating conditions.
Excessive water can and will cause extensive damage posing a serious threat to structure, furnishings, documents, and your precious contents. If not dealt with quickly, it could also affect the health of the people residing there. The results of not acting immediately when water damage occurs might be costly and emotionally traumatizing to the residents.
Heavy snowfall followed by subsequent thawing is a regular issue throughout Saskatchewan. Snow melting too quickly can cause major problems for your home or business. When snow melts too quickly it can render sump pumps unable to keep up; causing interior and possibly exterior damage as a result. As well, snow melting too quickly can also cause run-out damage (ice damming) to your ceilings and interior walls.
Immediate action is the key!
Whether your home is filling up with water or the sprinkler system at your business is malfunctioning, you’ll need a remedy --- and you’ll need it now.
Even though the damage may seem permanent and all thoughts of it ever being right again are unimaginable, a trained restoration crew can produce amazing results.  All water damage is different and requires a specific plan suited to the situation;  because of this we offer to customize and individualize our services to fit your individual requirements and needs in order to complete the task at hand getting your life back to normal as fast as possible.



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