Wind and Hail Restoration

Strong winds, hail or tornadoes have the ability to remove a roof, rip out a fence, topple trees, flood basements, scatter debris, shatter glass, damage siding, or remove shingles that are vital in protecting your home. We live in Saskatchewan’s harsh climate with you, and understand that storm damage is a frequent and disruptive recurrence.

Immediate Response, Trained Professionals

Any wind or hail damage necessitates immediate response and skilled help. We have Emergency Response Crews that are always on standby, equipped with all the necessary gear they need to restore your home quickly. We take immediate action to ensure the safety of the occupants while mitigating loss and stress. Our team will board up damaged or broken windows and doors, provide proper coverings for all roof and structural damage while continuing to make structural and aesthetic repairs to the exterior of the building. We’re here to put you at ease and take the work out of your hands!

Our Services

  • Timely and efficient response.
  • Expert safety hazard analysis.
  • Emergency roof repair.
  • Emergency site, security and safety measures.
  • Courteous and professional staff.
  • Immediate removal of debris.
  • Insurance company liaison.

The Dos and Don’ts of Wind and Hail Damage

There are steps you can take to help control the situation while waiting for the emergency crew to arrive. Here are some dos and don’ts of storm damage:


  • Call your insurance company.
  • Call Saskatoon Fire and Flood.
  • If doors or windows are broken, cover them until an emergency crew can get there to board them up.
  • Make note of any downed telephone poles or electrical wires.
  • If you are having electrical issues in the home, shut off the power.
  • Make note of all damaged areas outside of the home so the scope of the emergency can be determined.


  • Attempt to remove items or try to correct problems once the storm has started.
  • Touch downed telephone or electrical wires.
  • Try to remove sagging tree limbs or any other objects that are not secure.
  • Try to remove debris.
  • Attempt to make repairs. Let the professionals handle it.

We’re trained professionals who have done this hundreds of times before. Trust us to get your home in tip top condition and you back on what’s important to you.